Temple Tech Tips

Kirk's Joy Ride

By Brian Watts

This article was originally featured in the Temple Tablet Newsletter's "Racing Corner", but provides some good advice for
TR owners who really like to DRIVE their vehicles.

If you weren't at the last SCCA autocross at the Tallahassee Airport you missed some excitement. Kirk J. had the opportunity to experience his rear wheel being torn from his red TR6. How can a rear wheel fall off a TR6 you say? Well, its new to me too. The six studs holding the rear hub were pulled from the rear control arm. Apparently, it matters how tight you torque the six nuts attaching the rear control arm.

If your like me, you don't use a torque wrench on these nuts. I suggest the next time your rear wheels are off that you check the integrity of each of the six studs and be sure you torque them only to the specified torque ( I believe it's 20-25 lbs). If one of them is stripped, use a heli coil and do the job right.

It wasn't the end of the day though. He and J.K. had the car back together before the end of the timed runs. This is amazing considering the havoc that is caused when a wheel separates from a moving car.

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