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Supplemental Oil Lines

By Bob Jones

When you look over the engine bay of any TR6 racer you will notice one thing all of them have in common - the installation of an oil line from the block to the cylinder head to provide extra flow to the rocker arms. This seems to work on the six cylinder engines as the stock flow is not sufficient to prevent rocker arm wear over the long run. However, what's good for the goose, is not always good for the gander. It has been reported that these same oil lines, when installed on TR4s, can lead to extremely high oil use and poor performance. It seems that too much oil is sent to the cylinder head which has to return by gravity down push rod holes to the oil pan.

All the while the crankcase gasses are coming up these same holes to get sucked through the emission valve and go to the intake manifold. This is worse when the vacuum is low as the emission valve is open and the crankcase pressure is high. So you may wish to reconsider installing this auxiliary oil line in your four cylinder Triumph engine unless the hose (with a restricted flow) is specifically sized for these motors.

(This tech tip was taken from the December 1996 Temple Tablet.)

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