Some Interesting Triumphs

Below are a few photographs sent to us by a man whose name will be familiar to those interested in Triumph's legendary racing program here in the USA. Mr. Kas Kastner, former Manager of Triumph's Competition Department in the United States, was kind enough to send some photos from his personal collection.

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The number 7 car is Lee Mueller and the number 8 is Jim Dittemore. This is the first day of testing of new cars for the 1970 season at Willow Springs.

The TR-4a is driven by Charlie Gates and was forced to run in the modified category as the car wasn't production until the following year. In spite of this we won the Nat'l Championship at Daytona against the Ferraris and Coopers and other modifieds in the "D" modified category. Car had Webers, spec. cyl head and other stuff.

This photo is at the old Santa Barbara, California course around the airport hangers. Kas Kastner had just passed George Follmer in the Porsche to win (1960). Later George Follmer went on to win the 2 litre championship in the TransAm, then teamed with Parnelli Jones for the Bud Moore TransAm team, the Penske Porsche 917 in the Can Am, and then to Formula One for a while.

Photo Contributions: R. Kastner

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