May Meeting & Car Show
May 14, 1997

Hosted by the Temple of Triumph

Car show grounds

For the May 14th meeting, the Temple members decided to have an informal car show to celebrate the extended daylight hours and the return of the warm summer weather. The food and the beer were good, and the lake house provided great atmosphere for the get together. Categories for the show included "Best of Show" (points deducted for evidence of polishing, cleaning, and general cosmetic improvements), "Roughest Idle", and the "Valdez" award.

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Carl, JK

Carl, J.K., and an unidentified person in the Blue Meany


GT6 A stipulation for cars entered in the show was that they arrive under their own power. This rule was relaxed for underage Triumph owners.



Judging for the Valdez award


Best of Show

Stuart Johnson - Winner of Best of Show. This '63 MGB had an impressive 7 different colors of primer exposed. Good work Stu!


Valdez Ron Rega - Winner of the Valdez award with his '67 A.H. Sprite. No need to check the dipstick Ron - you're low!



The contestants


roughest idle

J.K. and the Blue Meany - Winner of Roughest Idle.

And thanks to Jody Miller for providing these photographs of the show.

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