December 8, 1996

Hosted by the Dixie Region SCCA

Well, another edition of the Dixie Region SCCA's annual Axis vs. Allies took place and another strong showing from Temple members to aid in the cause. The Dixie Region SCCA's annual Axis vs. Allies pits American and British made cars against German, Japanese, and Italian cars. This event is a lot of fun and always draws a large number of drivers. This year, competition was fierce, as the allied forces just nudged out the axis for another victory.

Kirk Jackson in his TR6
Kirk Jackson through the final turn

The event was held at the Tallahassee Regional Airport "old terminal". The course, designed by J.K. Jackson, was running times of 45 seconds (at least for those BMW M3 drivers) to up around 55 seconds, and probably averaged around 50 seconds.

 Bill Forbes in his prepared TR4
Bill Forbes in his E Prepared TR4

One interesting event took place during the timed runs. Jody Miller, while making his first run of the day in his unmistakably magenta TR6 (#12741), experienced some technical difficulty. It seems his radiator overflow hose burst off carrying itself and the metal cap into the fan/fan belt. The belt snapped and was flung (we think) into the radiator causing multiple leaks. While Jody and others inspected the damage and made their diagnoses (with coolant running in a nice steady stream from under the car), Charlie Ball offered the radiator off his car, which was down the road at J.K.'s shop. Before I knew it, Brian Watts and Charlie arrived with the replacement radiator and fan belt, and the new equipment was installed within the hour. It was a nice display of teamwork, and most importantly, Jody didn't  miss a single run (and I believe placed third in E Stock).

 Charlie Ball in the Blue Meanie
Charlie Ball having some fun in the Blue Meanie

J.K. Jackson in the Blue Meanie
Above: J.K. showing us how its done

Temple members who participated in the event were Bob Jones (TR6), Jody Miller (TR6), Pete Sutherland (TR6), Chris Moore (TR6), Kirk Jackson (TR6), Bill Forbes (TR4), Charlie Ball (TR6) and Brian Watts (TR6).   The unofficial total was eight Temple drivers in seven cars.

 Pete Sutherland in his TR6
Pete Sutherland in his TR6

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