Peter and donalee Koenig’s TR4A IRS 


First a little history. I bought my first 1966 TR4A in 1970 in Logan, Utah. She was my daily driver for 33 years. JK Jackson kept her running but body and frame rusted out and it was finally the end of the road. I was looking for a replacement when to my good luck Obin was willing to sell me his 1967 TR4A (not feeling up to a project at that time) in hindsight he would not have sold her but gained us as lifetime friends.


Thus started in 2003 the first frame up renovation. Although the car was in great shape Obin wanted me to do it right. He had already ordered many parts, Marilyn had selected the beautiful cream interior and Blair had rebuilt the SU carbs and I had the engine rebuilt. So with Obin's help and guidance as well as help from members of the Triumph and MG clubs we rebuilt her from the ground up. We kept the original paint which still looked good. So after about 9 months I was ready to start driving her.


However unfortunately, only after about 2 weeks I was the innocent victim of a wreck at Bradfordville and Centerville road.

I actually was stopped when another car was forced into me. We thought it was just the left front fender and wheel but at Cardin's body shop we got the bad news the frame was bent. So now we were into another major project. JK got us a TR6 frame that we modified. We also had all rust removed and a beautiful new paint job. So now after another 9 months she looked like new and I was ready to drive her as much as possible and hope to even enter some competitions.



As members (in good standing) in the Temple of Triumph donalee and I look forward to enjoying many more adventures
 with good rides and good friends. Peter Koenig