“The Godfather” Obin Hamrick, Remembers Our Beginnings

      Some time in 1988, I mailed out 60 letters inviting all Triumph owners for which I could find addresses (at that time you could get this information from the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles) to meet at our house to see if we could get a Tallahassee Chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register started.  Marilyn and I had joined the Central Florida Triumph Register after meeting a group of them on the way to a VTR National Convention at Road Atlanta.
    Only two people showed up, J. K. Jackson, and later, his wife, Chris Moore, came out. (Look for the positive side: at least we did not run out of beer!)  J. K. thought forming a VTR Chapter was a good idea, even if we were not overwhelmed with people rushing to find out about a new Tallahassee Triumph Club.  He said he would contact his racer buddies and get their input and/or support.  He did and we had a first meeting at Ricco's, Southernaire Inn, 1308 W. Brevard Street (at West Tennessee St. directly across the street from FSU campus) on March 1, 1989.
    At this first meeting, many participants were already Vintage Triumph Register members, which VTR encourages for VTR Chapter status.
 The following were elected to move forward with what became the Temple of Triumph, a Florida Chapter of the VTR:

Original Officers - 1989

President                             J. K. Jackson
Vice President                     Ken Blanton
Treasurer                             Steve Aldredge
Secretary                             Mike Chappell
Board of Directors              Charles Smith
Membership Chairman       Obin Hamrick
Newsletter Editor                Teresa Hamrick

    Somewhere down the winding road, J. K. (under the pen name, the right ir rev dr. j) wrote a neat article on how the Temple of Triumph really got its name. See the newsletter, The Temple Tablet for October 1995.
    Looking back through the old newsletters brings back hilarious memories, such as the time when 12 Temple members attended the VTR National Convention in Asheville, N.C., and 8 continued up to the Roadster Factory Summer Party the next weekend. At the first motel where the group stayed, J. K. circled the wagons (he had us park all the TR's along the curb in front of the rooms and he parked his truck and trailer behind us). Inside, the blankets were "U-Haul" blankets probably used in their first life as packing pads! And at Gettysburg going through the area, Charlie Ball had the little recorder explaining things hung in front of his CB microphone and the rest of us listened on our CBs. Two fun weeks from a long time ago... Obin