Featured   Triumph
John and Teresa Harris’ One Owner 1972 TR6

paint color 32 Signal Red
trim color 33 New Tan




 John got his new Triumph TR6 1972 right after he graduated from Florida State University. He bought the Triumph in Pensacola, Florida and paid $3,778.00 for it.  The TR6 has an overdrive transmission that is original to the car.  It has made trips to New York, Washington, D. C., Key Largo, Florida and many places in between.  The red roadster has been dependable transportation for 35 years and has approximately 200,000 miles on the odometer.  John and Teresa’s TR6 has never been wrecked and resides outside in Tallahassee’s semitropical climate. It is not pampered in a climate controlled garage.

J. K. Jackson rebuilt the motor in 1984 and helped John solve a problem he was having with the original Stromberg carburetors.  The Strombergs were vapor locking from the heat of the exhaust manifold.  These were replaced with HD6 SU carburetors from an Austin Healy.  The SU carbs were modified with  JK’s stash of Jaguar parts.  This change resulted in an immediate increase in power and  proved to be a dependable modification.  If I remember correctly, Brian Watts also has this carburetor combination on his red TR6.



All in all quite a remarkable story about a remarkable car.



In fact, I wish I still had my original red 1964 Triumph Spitfire 4.  I drove it from the time I was 16 until I was a junior in college.  I thought I sold it for $300 but my brother corrected me and said I only got $150.  Well, $150 was a lot of money at the time.


After graduation I bought a (practical ?) new 1972 Vega. From Spitwad to Vega, gee wiz. 

David Knopf