Collector’s Originality Guide for Triumph TRs by Bill Piggott

 Bill Piggott’s new Collector’s Originality Guide for Triumph TRs is a compilation of his other Triumph books. Now everything is in one beautiful book. This guide encompasses the range of TRs, which are some of the most fun to drive, classy and affordable sports cars ever built. The photography in the book by Simon Clay provides Triumph owners with essential visible information to help bring our cars to showroom condition.

 For the person that has longed for a sports car since their youth or wants to have the Triumph of their youth, this book like all of Piggot’s previous books, is a gold mine to explore.  Each page has in depth information to provide you with the unique differences in each model.  If your project car is sitting in your garage waiting for you to begin restoration, this is what you need to get started. Each car depicted makes it crystal clear that if others can do it so can you.

 The best thing about this book is that it is interesting to read.  Bill’s passion for Triumphs comes through loud and clear with the detail he provides. The text has good flow and gives historical insight into the development of the Triumph TR2 through TR8.  Every time I have a question about my TR8 or the TR2 I am planning to restore, I will refer to the Originality Guide first. It is definitely the current information “source” for Triumph TRs.

 The Temple of Triumph .Org is a British Sports Car Club dedicated to preserving British Triumph Sports cars. It is a small British car club in Tallahassee, Florida but some of us have several Triumphs. I have five. Two are TRs. Many members of our club have cars “in progress.” We all need this Triumph Guide as a reference.  Like Bill’s books, our internet site also provides important Triumph information with TSOAs  (Triumph Sports Owners Association) Newsletters.  These newsletters were used to keep owners updated on the latest developments on Triumphs.  This internet page is connected to the VTR (Vintage Triumph Register) a national organization of Triumph owners.

 We have three separate British clubs in Tallahassee. All three get together for shows and picnics. I was talking to one of the founders of  “The Temple” one day  and I said, “why do you call it the Temple of Triumph? People in my family think I have joined a cult.”  He said it is a cult. I said, “oh.”  Well anyway, we take preserving Triumphs pretty seriously in Tallahassee.  The wives say we have a disease. I think we just have fun that’s all and besides it is something to do. This book will be invaluable to Triumph owners.  We thank you Bill
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